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Zio Johno's Restaurant Franchise Opportunity
Zio Johno's Franchise for your community.
Zio Johno's Franchises. Pasta with a Smile

An Excellent


The Zio Johno's


In 1984, Zio Johno's opened its first family- owned restaurant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa launching a concept of providing homemade fresh Italian dishes and Pizza at affordable prices. This model, providing Pasta With A Smile!®, works by using the highest quality ingredients to capture an authentic Italian taste.

The kitchen shelves of each Zio Johno's location are lined with spices that are mixed in a secret blend. The spices and recipes used in the Zio's famous dishes may be a secret, but the reason for the success of our restaurants is all about serving quality food in a great atmosphere at affordable prices.

The initial pasta dishes were spaghetti, lasagna, mostaccioli and ravioli with homemade pasta sauces. The bread, made fresh daily, for their garlic bread and famous Gondola Sub Sandwich captured customers’ taste buds. Word got around that the signature spaghetti with meat sauce and a side of fresh garlic bread pleased all.

Zio Johno's. Restaurant Franchises.

Proud Part of the


The history of Zio Johno's is filled with hard work and dedication in bringing delicious, affordable Italian food to the neighborhoods where we live. This dedication and hard work means very little without the love and support from our loyal customers, so we always try and give back. Community involvement is another important ingredient for us. Giving back through fundraisers, donations, and sponsorships to schools, churches, businesses, food banks, and other community organizations has made a measurable change to both the communities we serve and to our organization as a whole. Building the business on these concepts has successfully established the Zio Johno's brand. 

Zio Johno's. Restaurant Franchises. Community supporter.

Franchise Support


Zio Johno's presents to each franchisee an individual and comprehensive two-stage seven-week training program to ensure the location is ready to open and operate effectively.

This thorough training program starts with the initial phase taking place at our designated training facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where franchisees are instructed on vital areas of the restaurant and business aspects including operations, administration, technology, and marketing.

The second phase will occur at the franchisee location where an experienced Zio Johno's trainer will administer instruction and guidance to assist the staff in the preparation and commencement of all aspects of operations.

In addition, we offer continuing education and training to calibrate, sharpen, and keep you up-to-date on best practices in the restaurant industry as well as new recipes, offerings, developments,  
and opportunities within the Zio Johno's family.

A great organization is always evolving and getting better.

Zio Johno's. Restaurant Franchises.

Next Steps


Here is a brief outline to help a potential franchisee understand what is necessary in opening a new Zio Johno's restaurant:

- Locating and Acquiring Location/Real                     Estate/Rent
- Utility Deposits
- Leasehold Improvements
- Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment
- Computers and Software
- Initial Inventory

- Insurance
- Signage
- Office Equipment and Supplies
- Grand Opening
- Licenses and Permits
- Legal and Accounting
- Working Capital

Zio Johno's. Restaurant Franchises.

Please complete the following to be contacted by a franchise representative.

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