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Zio Johno's Italian Story

Thirty six years ago Zio Johno, which means “Uncle” in Italian, came to the United States with an idea in his mind: a zio style restaurant. He started working non-stop 12 to 14 hours a day, six days a week, and he saved every penny he could.

In 1984, Johno arrived in Cedar Rapids with his savings and invested it in a restaurant, Zio Johno’s Spaghetti House, across the street from Coe College. Business was slow at first, but as word got around, his restaurant began to thrive. A few years later a second restaurant on First Avenue, a third on Edgewood road…to today, four restaurants; Cedar Rapids, Marion, Iowa City, or North Liberty.


The Hometown Taste of Italy

At Zio Johno’s, the shelves are lined with containers filled with spices without labels. The secret to his success is downstairs, where he mixes the spices and makes the dough for his bread. The bread, sauce, and pasta are made fresh daily. When customers ask what he puts in the bread and his famous sauce, he says, “Sorry I cannot tell you that”, with a smile.

The secret to success is “The Hometown Taste of Italy”: Providing quality food at low prices, fresh bread, sauce and pasta, everyday. Johno uses 100 percent real meats, cheeses, and vegetables. Nothing is artificial. As for low prices, a half-gallon spaghetti and a loaf of garlic bread for four, about $14.00.

Fantastic Food - Reasonable Prices

People tell Johno that they like his restaurants because there is nothing pretentious about them. They don’t make a lot of noise. Johno says, “We simply crank out great, reasonable priced Italian food everyday. We even deliver to your door.”

The anchor dish of Zio Johno’s is the spaghetti and meat sauce. You can add meatballs. Pizza, ravioli, tortellini, mostaccioli, manicotti, lasagna and more… all will satisfy your appetite.

Check out one of the four Zio Johno’s Spaghetti House restaurants in Cedar Rapids, Marion, Iowa City, or North Liberty to experience “The Hometown Taste of Italy”.

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