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Feed 4 or more People for under $19.00*
Experience delicious Italian Cuisine for the whole family!

Spaghetti & Garlic Bread. Feed 4 people forunder $18.00. Homemade Garlic Bread. Marinara or Meat Sauce. Bucket of Spaghetti. Zio Johno's. Best Italian Restaurants in Cedar Rapids.

Delivery / Carry Out

1) Bucket of Spaghetti

Zio Johno's Meatballs. Homemade jumbo meatballs. Add them to any order.

Perfect pasta with our signature meat sauce.

1) 16" Loaf of Garlic Bread

Our fresh homemade from scratch sweet bread toasted to perfection with our delicious garlic seasoning. 

*Valid for carry out & delivery only. Not valid for Dine in.
No coupon required. Delivery fee & tax will apply.

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